Planning & Development

The Planning & Development Department serves the citizens of Brentwood through traditional planning (both current and long range) and economic development, as well as zoning administration, code enforcement and building permits. 

The Planning & Development Department is responsible for new construction as well as inspecting existing housing to determine code conformance. The department also handles zoning enforcement and land use code enforcement in the city. Building codes are listed in Chapter 500 of the Brentwood City Code. Land use is determined by the regulations covered in Chapter 400 of the Brentwood City Code.

The City of Brentwood follows these International Code Council (ICC) codes:

International Building Code, 2018
International Residential Building Code, 2018
National Electrical Code, 2017
International Mechanical Code, 2018
International Plumbing Code, 2018
International Existing Building Code, 2018
International Fuel Gas Code, 2018
International Energy Conservation Code, 2018
International Property Maintenance Code, 2018
International Fire Code, 2018